Sentiment analysis tools have become an integral part of media monitoring. Companies that want to maintain a positive outlook and provide customer-centric experiences place high importance on monitoring customer sentiments. Especially companies that deal with enormous customer feedback daily automate the sentiment analysis process with AI-powered sentiment analysis tools. That helps them listen to customer opinions and adjust customer service according to their needs.

With sentiment analysis becoming more advanced and accurate, it offers insights a business needs to achieve its goals. This blog will introduce you to the best sentiment analysis tools you can implement in your business process. 

Best sentiment analysis tools

1. BuzzSense

If you are looking for a real-time customer sentiment analysis tool that lets you access deep consumer insights to offer your customers an omnichannel experience. BuzzSense is the best choice for media monitoring. You can track customer sentiments from over 1000+ review sites in your industry and social media networks.  

Upon entering your review site’s information, Buzzsense pulls data about your brand and related keywords across the platforms to compile a comprehensive report with optimal accuracy. You can also individually analyze the reviews and feedback to assign actions. Users can easily access your business KPIs in a simplified dashboard to understand the overall brand sentiment and filter reviews based on positive, negative, and neutral comments. It supports over 17 languages.   

Buzzsense sentiment analysis

On top of sentiment analysis, you can monitor brand mentions and hashtags, schedule posts, respond to reviews and comments on the posts, and add tickets directly from the tool for customer support. You can seamlessly manage your social profiles, predict trends, and conduct surveys directly from your dashboard. BuzzSense is an excellent option for companies looking to understand consumer intent, implement a response strategy, and avoid threats to their brand reputation.  

Suitable for small to multiple-location enterprises

Pricing: BuzzSense offers a 30-day free trial, and pricing is revealed based on request. Book a demo!

2. Repustate

Repustate sentiment analysis

Repustate is another best sentiment analysis tool that provides text analysis API to analyze customer feedback. It helps detect multiple emotions behind slang like ROFL, LOL, ASAP, etc. Repustate supports 23 languages and allows you to customize the API rules. With Repustate, you can quickly identify the successful parts of your customer experience and areas of improvement. It offers limited integration with enterprise-grade tools. If you want to control your customer feedback completely, Repustate is among the best.  

Suitable for mid-sized to large enterprise

Pricing: 7 days free trial and premium starts at $199/month.  

3. Lexalytics

Lexalytics sentiment analysis

Lexalytics is a sentiment analysis engine that offers text analysis and sentiment analysis to explain why a customer responds to your business in a certain way. It uses natural language processing to dive deep into the high volume of texts and breaks the sentiments to evaluate the semantics and syntax. And drive a conclusive visualization that helps you predict the customer’s intent. Lexalytics offers a suite of business intelligence platforms that can tell you everything about what your people feel and talk about you and why customers think in particular ways. 

Suitable for enterprise-level companies

Pricing: Free demos are available from Lexalytics. Pricing is revealed upon request.  

4. Social Searcher

Social searcher sentiment analysis

Social Searcher allows you to monitor all mentions across social media sites and the web. All you do is put your keywords, and the tool will aggregate data from various sources where your business or products is being mentioned. Social Searcher lets you monitor hashtags, usernames, and social influencers and facilitates color-coded categories to the sentiments. 

You can filter comments and feedback based on specific emotions to identify the intent with sentiment ratio. Social Searcher provides a separate analytics dashboard for respective platforms and seamless integration with third-party tools. The algorithm lets you analyze the tone of discussion around the topics and see how your business assets perform across multiple platforms. 

Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Pricing: Social Searcher is free for up to 100 keyword searches. Premium monitoring starts at $3.61/month.

5. Rosette

Rosette text analysis

Rosette is a text analytics platform that uses AI-based linguistics capabilities to perform sentiment analysis documents efficiently. You can use the tool to detect emotions in more than 30 languages. It works based on machine learning models to detect the positive, negative, and neutral sentiments in documents or towards any specific entries. It comes with API and integrations to support your business process. It makes an excellent choice for Twitter sentiment analysis as the algorithm is trained on tweets. Rosette helps collect sentiment data for the different products through categorization. 

Suitable for small to large enterprises

Pricing starts from $99/month. Free version available

6. Critical Mention

Critical mention sentiment analysis

Critical Mention is a versatile sentiment analysis tool that helps you closely track and analyzes your earned media sources. It monitors TV, radio, podcasts, online news, licensed content, and more. Critical Mention lets you outline the context during the sentiment analysis to determine whether each mention is negative, positive, or neutral. You can pull data such as share of voice, emotions, and publicity value and set up alerts for your viral content. 

Whenever your business receives positive mentions, the tool quickly accesses the mentions or video segments and shares them on your social media channels, allowing you to capitalize on timely marketing.

Suitable for small to large businesses

Pricing is available on request

7. Sentiment Analyzer

Sentiment analyzer tool

Sentiment Analyzer is another free sentiment analysis tool that lets you research customer feedback. You must paste the content on the website to analyze the sentiment. Sentiment Analyzer is one for you if your business deals with minimal customer feedback. It uses computational linguistics and text mining to understand a confusing audience response. The tool reflects the results on a scale of  -100 and +100, where -100 indicates extremely negative tones and +100 indicates positive tones. 

Suitable for small and medium businesses

Pricing: Free to use 

8. Clarabridge (XM Discover)

Clarabridge sentiment analysis tool

Clarabridge is a customer feedback tool now known as XM Discover that lets you analyze data from social media, emails, chat conversations, and surveys.  Customer feedback is indexed using an 11-point scale which considers factors such as grammar, context, industry, and source when scoring a piece of content.  

Clarabridge primarily focuses on customer experience analytics, and it’s highly recommended for teams who want to perform sentiment analysis on audio data, such as customer support calls and sales calls. 

Suitable for mid-sized to large businesses 

Pricing:  Free demo available. Pricing is available upon request. 

9. Brandwatch

Brandwatch sentiment analysis

Brandwatch is one of the best social monitoring tools in the market. It specializes in the precision of sentiment analysis capabilities. The tool monitors mentions, understands customer impact, detects fluctuations in customer sentiment, and measures brand visibility in real time. Brandwatch has the most remarkable feature, “image insights, ” which lets you go beyond text data to track data on how your logos and image assets are shared across online platforms. Brandwatch offers consumer insights with metrics that showcase the campaign performance and how your digital assets perform with your target audience. 

Suitable for small to large businesses

Pricing: Free demo available, and pricing revealed on request

10. Talkwalker’s Quick search

Talkwalker quick search dashboard

Quick search is another great sentiment analysis tool from Talkwalker’s suite of customer service platforms. You can perform sentiment analysis on brand mentions, evaluate campaign performance, and discover new trends around your brand. It supports over 25 languages and offers an extensive breakdown of social listening, helping you precisely understand how customers feel about your product or brand.

Suitable for larger enterprises

Pricing: The listening plan starts at $9,000/year, and the Analytics plan and Research plans are available upon request

Final note 

To finalize the right tool to monitor your brand health, you must understand your business needs. A sentiment analysis tool is essential to stay on top of your audience’s emotions and gain insights to upgrade your customer experience in a competitive space. 

The sentiment analysis tools can detect sentiment across various content types, including social media posts and customer conversations. The list includes free and paid solutions where free tools offer limited features, and paid tools provide advanced features and capabilities to support your business. These tools are easy to use and set up, but not all offer customization to adapt to your industry benchmarks. 

BuzzSense offers you the best of both worlds, and you can customize dashboards with metrics to measure, generate reports, and seamlessly scale your integration with 1000+ apps to suit your business objectives in no time. With the Buzzsense sentiment analysis tool, you can make data-driven decisions while streamlining your response automation, customer support, and reputation threats, predict trends, track real-time campaigns and manage your social media all in one platform. 

To start tracking your sentiment analysis, start a free trial with BuzzSense!


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