Almost nine out of ten customers choose a product or a business based on its reviews, and we are one among them. Review tracking software is great business support and gives a clear idea of customers’ points of view. While this is one of the major benefits, there are many other reasons why you might want to track reviews and business ratings. Here you go!

Firstly, what are customer reviews?

Online Google reviews or business reviews are opinions shared by the customers who’ve used a product, a service, or a business. They convey the impressions on digital platforms about the overall business experience, from placing an order to when the product is delivered. 

Review monitoring and tracking play an essential role in giving you insights into how buyers perceive your brand. It is proven that online product reviews boost the conversion rate drastically by 270%. 

However, 72% of customers will not act until they read reviews about the business. It is understood that companies that have no online reviews or that do not respond to customer reviews will have a tough time doing business. If you aim at running a successful business in the long run, it is vital to have your review tracking and aggregation strategies on point. 

73% of buyers will trust a local business if it has positive customer reviews. Listen to your customers and respond to their positive or negative comments. This develops a strong rapport between your brand and your buyers. You can analyze your business ratings using review monitoring and tracking software like BuzzSense and respond from the same dashboard. 

While review sites are a great place to check for customer ratings and Google reviews, social platforms are equally suitable for monitoring brand mentions, review aggregation, business keyword tracking, sentiment analysis, and more. 

How do google reviews or business ratings support your business growth? 

Build better products and offer customized services

You might already know how well the products or services you launch would work out and what your customers expect. Along with that, your market research will support you with clarity on whether customers will be willing to buy your product and ideas for improvement in the coming years.

The real feedback only comes after your patrons try and test your products. That is when you get to know their complete experiences, satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with whatever you’ve delivered. All these inputs and review monitoring and tracking business ratings will help you polish your products, services, and solutions as per their requirements, resulting in better sales. 

Measure customer satisfaction

Research proves that customer satisfaction directly impacts business growth. Nearly 84% of companies that work towards improving their customer experience have generated better revenue. Having a contented customer base increases your market share and directly impacts your business’ bottom line.

Good google reviews, business ratings, and customer reviews are like magnets that bring in more potential buyers to your company. However, the bad ones advocate how well your company can handle customers during critical situations.

The reviews that highlight your downside have the power to change your business for the better. Paying close attention to what these people say will help you improve according to their tastes and preferences. 

If you are not receiving enough customer reviews, you can send out personalized emails and messages to your buyers, asking them to rate you on the review sites and social media. 

Also, you can determine their loyalty towards your brand by asking questions such as how likely your customer would recommend it to a friend, how satisfied they were with your product, and how often they would purchase from you.

Show them you value their opinions

Customers vent on social media when they are not satisfied. But not all satisfied buyers may talk about a good experience often. By voluntarily asking your customers for online business reviews, you show that their opinions matter to your brand. 

When customers are involved in shaping your brand, they feel wanted and attached. This way, you gain two benefits – positive feedback and influencers who spread positive word-of-mouth. This is one of the top ways to promote your brand with minimal effort.

Also, the moment buyers realize their importance to your business, they come back to avail more of your services. This way, driving a customer-centric business becomes a seamless task. Your path to maintaining an excellent online brand reputation becomes simple. 

Enhance the overall customer experience

Today’s marketing is about the overall experience a brand gives its customers. People buy from highly reputed brands not just for the quality or to feel proud about owning a particular brand’s product but also because of the brands’ impeccable customer experiences. 

Responding to customers instantly, asking what the brands could’ve done better to deliver the best, and understanding the critical areas of improvement from the customer’s point of view help any business withstand the test of time. You can do all of these using review tracking or review monitoring techniques. 

Better customer retention

Unlike brands, customers have numerous options and can navigate to your competitors if they are unsatisfied. Imagine losing a customer to your competitors. This buyer will quickly spread the word over social media and other platforms, telling everyone why the new brand he is trying is better than yours. 

Despite choosing not to buy your product or service, this customer influences other potential buyers looking to validate your services or products. There could be many reasons why this switch happened.   However, a simple reply letting the parting customer know how much you valued their relationship will boost retention. Also, you can immediately address negative customer reviews or business ratings with review tracking and monitoring software. 

Remember that your brand’s customer support teams must be easily reachable and available round the clock. Even if the issue cannot be resolved immediately, there should be a person to assure customers that a reasonable solution will be provided. Tracking customer and business reviews helps you stay aware of your brand’s perception and increases buyers’ trust in your company. 

Monitor business ratings and customer reviews right now 

Brands have less control over how customers rate their business or products. However, noticing important ratings, reviews, and comments and giving prompt replies without further delay catches customers’ attention. This also creates a good brand reputation in the digital space and reduces customer churn.

BuzzSense simplifies review monitoring and aggregation and sends you notifications of brand mentions. Each time your business gets a review, you will be notified and can reply to those from the same dashboard across various sites. This reduces the need to log in or switch between multiple accounts or platforms and helps you monitor everything from one centralized dashboard. Book your free demo today.

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