Satisfied customers are one of the best and the most effective brand ambassadors for your services or products. Their opinions can shape your marketing, service, and customer management strategy. They are also solid social proof for other customers who are looking for a similar service or product that you offer. A satisfied customer review, comments, feedback, or mentions boost your SEO efforts and sales and help you grow your prospects.

Use customer reviews on landing pages

77% of buyers read business reviews ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ before making any purchase or choosing a local business. It is a must that all businesses maintain a strong online reputation and monitor their customer reviews to experience steady growth in revenue.

You can try displaying business reviews on your website, where there is a lot of interaction between the site and the visitors. Buyers trust customer reviews more than anything and take them as a personal recommendation.

Also, making business or customer reviews visible at the end of the home page or landing page, and linking them with the ads, creates a positive impact on customer decisions. Besides, it is also an excellent way to depict how good your offerings are. Though this does not increase the website ranking instantly, it supports your SEO efforts and influences visitor’s buying decision.

Utilize user-generated content and reviews in paid ads

A simple copy with only the product’s description in retargeting ads might not give you any results. But if you try using a customer review and a crisp and clear copy, you will get extraordinary results.

Survey says 88% of buyers trust ads that come with reviews and speak positively about the brand. Besides this, ads with user-generated content, such as comments, mentions, or even pictures, receive four times higher click-through rates and witness a 50% reduction in cost-per-click than regular ads. Trust-boosting signals such as reviews, user-generated content, and testimonials amplify your efforts towards better UGC marketing, click-through rates, and conversions. 

Here is a tip for you to get started instantly. You can have your Google My Business page fully optimized and set to get started and use those reviews on the google paid ads directly. This way, you would not have to make significant changes or go through multiple formalities. When customers click the review link, they will be directed to the review page and can discover more about your business ratings there.

Alternatively, you can post reviews on websites that operate on customer-generated content, e.g., Capterra for software.

Encouraging your customers to share reviews about your products, services, delivery, rating for the package, etc., will eventually highlight your business. Additionally, you can list Rich Snippets and Google Seller Ratings by regularly updating your ratings. The better the keywords about your products, the better the chances of your site ranking first.

Post your customer reviews on emails

We are all aware that customer testimonials and reviews are a crucial segment of the customer journey. If you did not know this earlier, buyers are “270 % more likely” to buy a product with five reviews compared to the one with no reviews at all. 

All of us, as consumers, trust what people with similar experiences say rather than what the companies project in the digital space. We understand that the brands’ ultimate goal is to boost their sales. In such a case, if you are trying to build more credibility and earn trust to combat low clicks on email CTAs, including customer testimonials or reviews is highly effective.

Use customer reviews, especially when you are persuading a buyer who is almost down the conversion funnel, looking to validate your product. At this point, the chances of conversion are very high!

To keep the conversation going, share testimonials of the products that the visitor is looking for and subtly persuade them down the funnel. This will increase the likelihood of them trusting you as a brand and might come back for another purchase even if not for this one.

Now that we know the top, most crucial places for reviews, let’s take a look at the other choices.

Where else can you use business or customer reviews?

People validate your product or services on social media channels. Let your buyers engage with the other customers on social media. This will be a win-win for you and the satisfied customer. You will be able to turn a doubtful visitor into a potential customer, and the buyer will be happy about how you value their review or opinions.

If you have reviews from credible third-party, such as influencers in your industry,  you can use those in your paid campaigns. This is a proven method of conversion, although a little expensive depending on the number of followers. Also, pinning the best reviews as the first comment in the section below the ad or posting those as carousels or banners can do wonders. 

While circulating promotional videos about your services or products, make it a point to include testimonials. Try to keep your promotional videos a little short and on point by having a couple of star ratings and crisp reviews summarizing your brand’s overall customer experience. As people watch your videos to know about your store, you remind them that their experience will be memorable.

How can you aggregate and circulate customer reviews?

Brands must stay up-to-date on customer feedback and suggestions. However, monitoring the digital space for relevant brand mentions and reviews is challenging without efficient staffing or software. A fully functional reputation management software with review tracking and monitoring features should help you. With software like BuzzSense, you will be able to aggregate user-generated content, brand mentions, business reviews, and customer suggestions.

By setting custom keyword alerts, you will be notified of all mentions and keywords and can reply from the same dashboard without switching between accounts. It is seamless for you to amplify marketing efforts by sending personalized forms requesting your customers to share their overall experience and leverage them for brand advocacy later. Besides these, you can also automate ticketing and track the progress from within the software and update your customers. 

Other features such as aspect-based sentiment analysis, automated messaging, custom survey forms, and advanced social scheduling will help you simplify your overall efforts towards a higher ROI. Book your free demo today to know how BuzzSense can help you.

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